Sassou Pourroy
Paris - France


Sassou is born in 1949. She is from somewhere between the Lorraine, the Vendée, Marseilles and the plateaux of Central Anatolia. Sassou is a nickname she gave herself during childhood. Some people claim that she could be a daughter of the wind but the wind blows where it will and currently she lives in Paris. Sassou paints Joy; the happiness of spending a sunny afternoon in Ireland just after the rain when each blade of grass becomes a small sun; when the horizon of the ocean becomes a mountain. Perhaps Sassou encountered Ireland 10 or 1000 years ago. Time is not important. Whatever her journeys, Sassou is easy to follow. Her paintings are transparent. When you look at them, you forget the medium and content, you discern the emotion. You can contemplate them as often as you want, you will always find something new.

In the background, for example, you see a whole living world; a painting within the painting, ruled by a rigorous composition sense, will always bring you back to the main theme while not interfering with your right to dream. Sassou won several awards at major European artistic events and has exhibited individually and collectively. Several of her paintings have gone to the United States, Japan, Netherlands (and maybe even Central Anatolia).

Version française

English version with the kind help of Polly and Hugh